1973 Porsche 911E Targa

911 321 0571

Einar Irgens
Tromsø, Norway
623 1***
Build Date:
Red (orig bright yellow)
The Story:
type 911424=911E Targa engine 6231xxx gearbox 336xxx date of invoice 01.Feb.'73 dealer 112=Raffay,Hamburg color 6210=light yellow interior 12=leatherette black,seatinlays corduroy options 258=headrest left and right,404=stabilizer front and rear 15mm,470=Comfort-equipment,499=85l fuel tank,549=3-point safety belts Extras added later: - Recaro Sportsitz both sides - unfortutately swapped for a set of Ritmo Abarth seats before I bought it... - Rear muffler skirt I bought the car March 2008. It is in good condition with no serious rust. 2.4T engine with Zenith TIN40 carbs and S cams. Tasks in the near future: - Update Dec 26th 2011 - Remove paint from all brightwork - Halfway there! - Install 6" ATS at the rear to match the front - Done - Change to 185/70-R15 tires, as original - Done - Renew sill covers - Bought new ones, will install shortly - Some minor mechanical updates Long term task: To have it repainted in its original colour. Edit: After putting on orange stickers on both sides I have decided to keep the color as is until it wears a lot more. If I decide to repaint it later, it could be that it will be gold metallic instead of yellow. Simply because I prefer gold over yellow. New photo: Ride height adjusted. Update: I have managed to aquire a 2.4E engine. It is in pieces and presumably quite worn and in need of renovation, but I got it for a fair price.