1972 Porsche 911E Targa

911 221 0133

Michael VanBreda
San Francisco, CA
622 0192
Build Date:
Custom paint (999 91)
9,250 (After Rebuild)
The Story:
The 1972 offered a 2.4-liter engine with compressions lowered to run on regular gas, and a dry oil sump made of stainless steel. The 901 transmissions were replaced, starting in 1972, with the stronger 915 (conventional H shift pattern) transmission. Silver painted slotted steel wheels was standard on T models, where the E and S models were fitted with the new Fuchs alloy wheels. Automatic 'Becken' seat belts in US models. Recognition Tips: Matte black engine grille, PORSCHE letters, seat recliner bars, and targa script (targa models). 1972-only had oil filler flap below right-side C-pillar. '2.4' badge on engine grille. Rectangular side mirrors. Dash was leather grain vinyl (1972-1973) with no model designation. Options: Front spoiler optional on T model, Sportomatic on E and T models, 5 speed on all cars in US and on T models in UK, Larger fuel tank (with space saver spare), 6Jx15 alloys, Hella 169 fog lights (not available in US or on E or S), tinted windshield, aluminum wheel arch moldings (all models), rear-window defroster (horizontal wires), sunroof, a 3-piece stainless steel muffler skirt (hanging below the rear of the car), 10-spoke cast magnesium wheel (on T model only), gasoline heater (LHD models only), electric antenna, leather seats, headrests, vinyl or leather door coverings, vinyl or leather (or cloth) sport seats, electric windows. 1972 only 861 911E Targa were shipped to U.S. My 1972 911E (9112210133) Exterior color: Burgundy Red (Custom paint) Interior: Leatherette (999.551.001.40) black (700); Velour pile carpet (000.551.570.00) black (700) Factory included options: U.S. equipment; comfort package; air conditioning; 'Recaro' sport seats; front & rear stabilizers; tinted glass; M400 light metal Fuchs wheels 6Jx15 with 185/70VR Dunlop tires; Blaupunkt 'Frankfurt' radio. Engine: 911/52 Gearbox (transmission): 915/12 Chassis #: 9112210001 - 9112210861 Engine #: 6220001 - 6221765