1972 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 220 0060

Dennis Holler
Hammond, IN
Build Date:
The Story:
I love this car! It was my second car as a teenager (first was a 69 spitfire) and I've owned it for about half of its life. It was restored in 1988-89 and then unfortunately suffered a mishap and sustained some damage to the body. I was in the Navy at the time and was forced to used a shop that didn't do quite the job (understatement) we had done a few years before. Now another 10 years has passed and I finally have both the car and myself in the same place. Better yet, It has become my daily driver. I plan on rerestoring the car possibly in Irish green, love that color. It has the original engine but updated with 2.7 euro p/l's and larger intake ports. Immediate upgrades will be: Ignition-msd, a set of H-4's, a new muffler, and a set of bushings and maybe a shortshifter. It's been through a lot with me, I once drove it from Idaho to Fla.. On that trip I had a rocker shaft failed (a long story) and did most of the trip on five cylinders. While stationed in Orlando I was known to make the 163 mile trip from the Navy Base main gate down town to mydoorstep in Clewiston in less than 2 hours, and that was leaving at 3pm Friday afternoon during rush hour. There was a stretch on hwy 27 south of Sebring that was perfect for some serious highspeed motoring, flat straight and uninhabited (not that I would know!)