1971 Porsche 911E Targa

911 121 0380

Andre Gladden
Los Angeles, California
Build Date:
Burgundy/Wine Red
The Story:
My dad bought this car used in 1977, or so. I learned to drive in it when I was about 14. When Dad bought the car, after years and of searching for a 911E Sportomatic model, he was told that the car was prevously a Police car in Italy. To support this, the car had a radio antenna on top of the stainless stell Targa cover. Some have questioned that this antenna is or was for a cell phone, but cell phones were not yet avalable at the time Dad acquired the vehilce. Anyway, Dad passed away a few years ago and I could not part with this car even though it was significantly decayed; so, I decided to restore it virtually on my own, and have become somewhat of a restoration technician in the process. Soon I hope to ship to the car to Panama, where I also have a home. I may find other Porsche enthusiasts there. Currently the car and I are in Saugus, California. I welcome any contact and support. Andre 323-284-5095.