1971 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 120 0845

Dave Marley-Wallace
Sydney, Australia
621 8208
Build Date:
Albert Blue (1818)
The Story:
Just picked up the new project!!! July 2014 911E Coupe Sportomatic Delivered: UK (been in Oz most of its life) colour: 1818 Albert Blue Interior: Beige with Corduroy Options 402 - front axle with damper strut Koni - S -seat and rear axle with vibration absorber Koni 404 - stabilizer front and rear 15mm 425 - rear window wiper 568 - Tinted glass all around 650 - electric sliding roof 651 - electric window lifter Has steel RSR guards not sure if I'll keep the RSR theme, S/T or back to original e