1970 Porsche 911E Karmann Coupe

911 022 0585

Chris Latshaw
620 1010
Build Date:
Leaf Green
156,000 purchase date, now 172,500
The Story:
July 2005 Just purchased this very well-sorted 1970 911E Karmann Coupe Purchased from Navy fighter pilot Chris Powell Leaf green, orig Irish green Mr. Powell did extensive work to the MFI system, polished deep 6's from Al Reed, front S steel valence & deco trim, Prototipo wheel, Blaupunkt Frankfurt, front S sway bar & numerous upgrades. 7,000 miles on rebuilt 2.2 engine, 901 transmission. Decklid sports a one of 2.2 grille badge. Recently had the MFI dialed in, was running too rich Car lowered to Euro specs, 21/26 Torsion bars, turbo tie-rod ends, new ball joints, all new bushings front/rear. Swepco,new shifter bushings, braided brake lines & super blue. Aligned & corner balanced. New Coco mats. Lots of detailing & undercarriage cleaning too. Bought a Deep6 Fuch wheel which is being restored to replace the old steel wheel that is a spare. WOW, what a difference all the modifications have made !!! Car is a blast to drive. Iam beginning to understand the allure of the early 911 ! December 2005 update: Had the car wet sanded to remove some orange peel in the paint. Huge improvement, took it from a 5 to an 8 on the paint scale ! Ordered a pair of RS sport seats from Peter Zwinakis at http://www.vintageseats.com/ I will post some new pictures after the install. Feb 2006 update: RS style seats are installed & a great addition to my car. April 2006 update: Harvey Weidman of Weidman's Wheels 530-534-7903 Made me some 7R replica wheels. Using deep 6 Fuchs as donors. This wheel modification with a 15mm adapter/spacer allows you to run a 7 inch wide rim in the rear with no modifications, retaining the deep6 appearance on the outside. Installed some Koni shocks/struts & Yokohoma ES100 tires May 2006: Drove from Colo. to Calif for the RGruppe Treffen. Car ran great, MFI delivered a solid 23-25 mpg running 80-90mph on the trip. Coil & starter(original) died along the way, but thanks to TRE of N Hollywood & Steve Dejung of Dejung Motorsports in Cotati, CA for getting me back on the road. Incredible drives over to Malibu (see pic of my car & Scott Shores 71E), Santa Barbara, up Hwy 1 to Carmel, Golden Gate Bridge etc.. Nothing quite like cruising the backroads w/ 150 other early 911 hot-rods ! Return trip drove 1225 miles in 15 hours, thank you Dr. Porsche,...there is no substitute ! December 2006 : My 911E continues to amaze me. What a great car, so much fun to drive, 2.2 loves to rev ! The 1st annual 911E Registry Tour de Colorado was held this past July in Durango, CO. Awesome event w/ great people, roads & cars. Check this site for 2007 info. Winter projects will be replacing the cracked dash w/ the restored dash, and installing all new window/squeegee rubber around the door glass. Car will be making another trip this spring out to California for the annual Rgruppe Treffen !!! July 2007 : All the winter projects have been completed. Cracked dash was replaced, all new window squeegee/felt seals. Installed a NOS black Bosch coil, new Beru plug wires, & Bosch W5DC plugs. Replaced fuel tank w/ repro galvanzized tank, Wurth coated for a factory appearance. Removed all 4 guages & clock, had North Hollywood Speedo restore guages & update the clock to quartz timing. Huge improvement in the look of the dash w/ everything restored! Drove the car out to the west coast in May for the RGruppe Treffen in San Luis Obispo. Another great event & the car ran flawlessly the entire 2800 mile trip. 2nd annual Tour de Colorado just wrapped up in Durango July 20-22, 2007. Great turnout of early cars. Epic scenery & incredible drives. Drive your E out to Colorado next year, you will have the Porsche time of your life ! Sept. 2009 : 4 years have passed since I bought this awesome car ! Drove out to Cambria, CA in May 2009 for the 10th annual RGruppe Treffen. Nothing better than driving up the CA coast & hammering the back roads with you early car friends. Car runs great @ sea level...feels like an S. Newest upgrade is a oil cooler. Carrera cooler, factory Thermostat and Elephant "finned" oil cooler lines. A bit overkill for a 2.2 engine, but I now will never worry about crossing the Mohave Desert fretting about oil temperature. Highly recommend this upgrade ! Thanks to webmeister/911E guru Scott Shores for such a great site !