1970 Porsche 911E Coupe

911 020 0185

Chris Latshaw
620 0855
Build Date:
Signal Orange
The Story:
Sold new February 2, 1971 Concourse Porsche of St. Louis,MO to David R. Gray. Shortly thereafter Mr. Gray moved to Walnut Creek, CA. In 1980 Mr. Gray moved to Dallas, TX, sold the car to Steven Snay. Mr. Snay owned the car and kept the E as a 3rd vehicle, never driving in the rain, doing period correct upgrades S front spoiler, 22/27 torsion bars, sport muffler, 6/7 x 15 Fuchs, rolled fenders and engine/transmission overhaul July 2007 at 95,000 miles In June 2016, I purchased the car with 102,000 miles, upgraded suspension, RSR sway bars, restored gauges,and had Gus Pfister of Pacific Fuel Injection overhaul mechanical fuel injection pump. The car has been driven since in the mountains of Colorado, Southern California coast and the Mohave desert area. Great E that puts a smile on my face every time I drive it, truly Zuffenhausen's secret weapon!